Border Patrol/Sheriff/Fire Dept

For all immediate emergencies, Call 911


US Border Patrol:  

     Report any activity, Call: 877-872-7435 (1-877-USBPHELP)

     To Reach the Tucson Station Call: 520-514-4700

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Pictures from the Border Patrol Museum.

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Pima County Sheriff’s Department: 


    As a leader in public safety, we are committed to serving with honor, courage, and integrity in the fight against crime, and to work relentlessly toward making our community safe for the people of Pima County.  Prevention is a focus of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.  Visit our website at, a wide-ranging source of information. Links for some features and services provided are as follows:


   Robles Ranch Substation, 16140 W Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85735-2099, Tel: 520  822-5355

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Three Points Fire District:

     Three Points Fire District proudly protects 10,000 people living in an area of 209 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily residential area, providing:

• Firefighting      • ALS Emergency Medical Service      

• Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)    • Search & Rescue     • Wildland Firefighting

       In doing the above , we also do additional actions:

• CPR and First Aid: Classes are free of charge to District Residents. For more information or to schedule a class, please contact Bob Ethridge at 822-1086. 

• Car Seats: Three Points Fire District now is unable to Certify Car Seats at this time.  For more information, please contact 822-1086.

Burning Permits: Remember it is illegal to burn without a burn permit. Your Fire District can now issue those permits. The cost is FREE!!! Easy to do! Please come by Station 301, up off S. Sierrita Mtn Rd to fill out a permit. Call 822-1086 for information.

• Board Meetings: Board Meetings are held on the First Monday of every month at Station 301, 14055 W. Hunt, off S. Sierrita Mtn Rd, at 6pm. Plese show your support for the Fire District and join our meetings.

• Desert Pest Removal:

• Smoke Detector Distribution and Installation: 

• Home Inspections upon Request: 

• Educational Station Tours: 

• School Programs: 

For more information go to:

US Postal Inspector:

For information on      mail theft     • mailbox vandalism    • identity theft       

 mail fraud      • false change of address

go to this web site:

Beware of Bogus E-Mails
Some postal customers are receiving bogus e-mails about a package delivery or online postage charges. Don't click on the link, open the attachment, or print a label! 

Read more about this and other Scheme Alerts.

Animal Control:

     Their primary focus and services provided are: ~ Rabies Control: We must get dogs vaccinated for rabies – required by laws. ~ Dogs must be licensed. ~ Pick up Stray Animals. A scanner is in the vehicles to read microchips on lost animals, so if they can reach the owners, they can be returned to the owners, rather than taken to the shelter. ~ Spaying and Neutering recommended for all pets.

     The non-emergency number to call for the PACC (Pima Animal Control) is 520-243-5900. For emergencies,please call 9-1-1. 

     PACC is under the Pima County Health Department and not the Sheriff’s Dep The PACC covers all of Pima County (except the Nations) with 24 officers. While coverage is 24/7, only one officer is on during the late night for emergency issues. The department deals with:

Animal Bites: Quarantine required.

Leash Law: There is a Leash Law in all of Pima County.

“Tie Outs” are prohibited (cannot leave animals tied up on property without immediate supervision - not even for a short period of time).

Excessive Noise (continuous barking, for example) is not allowed in Pima County.

Cruelty & Abuse cases are taken very seriously.

Some type of shelter is required if animals are left outside.

Animal must have access to water at all times.

Cannot leave animals in vehicles unattended, in order to avoid overheating and possible death.

No limit to the # of dogs you can own, but you must keep them controlled and not a nuisance to others (no prolonged barking, no running loose, etc.)

     If you have a barking dog or loose dog problem in your area, please contact the office @ 520-243-5900 and a clerk dedicated to those types of issues will take a report and begin handling the situation. 

     Please provide the clerk with an address where the animals belong (if known) and they will begin with a letter to inform the owners that there is a problem. If it isn’t corrected, then they will begin the process of stopping the inappropriate behavior. It can take a bit of time, but will get handled. Be consistent and keep calling when the problem occurs.