Fence Post Articles/Advertisements

Only so much time left until the 20th, 5 pm deadline for next month's issue. Send in your Article/Advertisement today, Readers are looking forward to your article and your advertisements. Thank you!

Sending Articles and Ads to the Newsletter

     Readers really want your articles and advertisements. Remember almost all the time the Editor spends on the Fence Post is laying out/positioning all the articles and various sized ads on the pages. There is no budgeted time to spell check, correct sentence structure, try to fit frozen pdf documents, or fiddle with pictures.


Fence Post Newsletter Ads/Classifieds

The primary delivery method for the Fence Post is email out to about 650 people who have requested the Newsletter. In addition, we print 100-150 paper copies of the Newsletter every month.

Format Text/SW: Send text only in the body of an email. Do Not send text in PDF formats, as it cannot be reformatted, sized or edited in any way.

Picture Files: Send picture files as jpg (jpeg) files. Then, we can resize if we have to. Do Not send pix in PDF formats, as they cannot be reformatted, sized or edited in any way.

Classified Ads cost: Classified Ads cost $5 for 5 lines, plus a $1 a line over 5 lines.

Business card size ad cost: $10 per ad/per month or sign up for 3 months, pay in advance for $25, save $5.

1/4 Page regular ad cost: 1/4 page Ad cost $25 per ad, per month.

1/2 Page regular ad cost: 1/2 page Ad cost $50 per ad, per month.

Full Page regular ad cost: Full page Ad cost $100 per ad, per month.

Ads/Classifieds Notes: 

     Please spell check your Adv before you send it, spell checking is the advertiser's responsibility.

     To get your readers to act on your adv, have your Adv describe a benefit to the reader for your product or service. Tell the reader something good they don’t know about your product or service. Include a call to action - "Sales good for this month only!" - to incent your readers to give you business.

     Given the readers of the electronic Newsletter version can easily link to an URL or send you an email, include that information, so it is easy and quick for prospects/customers to contact you.

Sending your Adv in: email all ads to fencepost3points@gmail.com with your text in the body of the email and any graphics as an attachment. Remember to send your payment in as well.

Fence Post Newsletter Articles

Format Text/SW: Send text only in the body of an email. Do Not send text in PDF formats, as it cannot be reformatted, sized or edited in any way.

Picture Files: Send picture files as jpg (jpeg) files. Then, we can resize if we have to. Do Not send text in PDF formats, as they cannot be reformatted, sized or edited in any way.

Article Notes:

     Please spell check your Adv before you send it, spell checking is the article author's responsibility.

     Include the name of the author we can use as a byline.

     Whenever possible, send pix along with the article, pix will help tell your story.

     Think of what will interest your readers as they read your article.

Sending your Article in: email all articles to fencepost3points@gmail.com.

Remember the cut-off date for Article and Adv submission is the 20th of the month, 5:00 pm. Anything received past this date/time will not be included in the Newsletter.

Make your Fence Post Ad more affective.Take a minute to read some tips. 

Setting The Stage/Some Thoughts

Most of these tips work whether your ad is Business Card size, 1/4 page, 1/2 page or a full page. Advertising copy is all about selling. Whether you are selling a product, a service, a tourist destination, or an event, the sole purpose of an advertising copy is to spread the word in order to generate interest, create actions and increase your business. Take a few minutes to look at other ads to see what ads you think is effective.

A few steps to more effective ads

First, You need to understand your audience, so you know how you can best serve them. What do they want? Who are you writing for? How does that person think? What is the goal of your adv? What do you want the reaader to do after reading your advertisement?

When it comes to print advertising, you have to get to the point - fast.
You're vying for the attention of consumers who are bombarded each day with advertisements from countless companies-some being your competitors. Don't waste any time getting your message across. 

Second, recognize the The Five Most Powerful Motivators getting people to act. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, (Motivation and Personality), “human behavior,” is always the result of one or more of five basic needs or motivating forces. Maslow refers to these as “the hierarchy of human needs.” His theory is, that until a lower-ranking need is satisfied, there is no desire to pursue a higher-ranking need. Beginning with the basic or lowest-ranked need and continuing to the highest, these five motivators are:

1. Physiological needs – Include hunger, thirst, shelter, clothing, air and rest.

2. Security – The need for safety, stability, dependence, protection, structure and order.

3. Love – The need to love and be loved, belonging, acceptance, affection, and friendship.

4. Self-esteem – The need for recognition, respect, achievement, responsibility, prestige, independence, importance and appreciation.

5.  Self-actualization – The desire to achieve fulfillment through reaching individual goals or aspirations.

Think how the words in your ad deal with any of the needs above.

Third, the five most powerful words in advertising: your reader is saying: “What’s in it for me?” Your ad should clearly answer that question as much as possible. What you are creating is your benefit statement. Your reader is only interested in the potential benefit that he/she will receive from your product, nothing else. 

Benefits should clearly separate you from your competition. Keeping these five motivators in mind, we proceed to the “magic formula.” To elicit the desired response, all ads should be composed with the following four step “master formula” in mind:

  • “Attract” the attention of the prospect.
  • “Hold” the interest of the prospect.
  • “Arouse” enough desire to cause the prospect to want the product or service and
  • “Motivate” him to take action now.

Fourth,  The Headline is 80% of the Ad impact. On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. Headlines are as close to a magic bullet as you’re going to get. Write a strong headline that grabs the reader. Lead with a strong benefit statement making them want to read more and to act. If your point isn’t immediately obvious, chances are they won’t get it, and you’ll lose them.

Fifth, State Your Call To Action/What you want the reader to do?

Very few things in an ad are more powerful than asking your reader to take a specified action: try our new menu, stop by and see our new....,get the perfect gift, make someone smile, etc. Be specific. 

Once you’ve got the customer’s attention & interest, the next obvious is to guide them on how they can make use of the presented opportunity; do they need to call a number? Visit a website? stop by your store? Use action words like "Join Now! Click Here! Buy Today! Call Toll-Free XXX-XXX-XXXX! Offer Expires...!"

Sixth, You’ve hooked them with the headline, and you’re telling them about the product benefits, yet before they decide to buy from you, they want to know one thing: Why? Why is the product/service important to them? Why is it a good deal? Why should they be interested? Why should they buy it from you? Why should they buy it now, rather than later? Why should they trust you? Consciously or subconsciously, all of those questions are going through a customer’s head. If you want them to act, you need to answer them, either thru the ad or when they meet with you.

You may not be able to get all of the above in your ad space. Yet moving beyond, company name, address, phone number will help to increase interest and the number of customers.